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Club Staff Members


Bruce Baker

Program Director

Contact Information:
 - Phone: 920-723-2757
 - Email:
Duties: Coach Baker oversees all operations of the club from scheduling, club administration and player  development programs. Coach Baker also acts at the Age Group Director at the U12 age group where he directs, coordinates and coaches all U12 teams at the age group. He is the Head Coach of the U12-Baker team.

Bio: Coach Baker has been associated with Fastpitch Softball for over 30 years as a coach and players. He is the founder and director of the Rock River Stix Softball Club and takes an active
role in each player’s development. During his tenure as a youth softball coach, he has built a reputation as a high-level travel ball coach. He is highly detailed and organized in his approach and prides himself as a teacher and instructor of the game. He has expertise in all aspects of the game including pitching, hitting (conventional & short game), catching and defensive fundamentals. His teams are highly regarded for their sound fundamental approach, communication and competitiveness. Below is a look at Coach Baker’s accomplishments:
2010 (U10):

  • ASA Class A State Tournament 5th Place

  • NAFA Northern Nationals 7th Place

2011 (U12):

  • NAFA Northern Nationals 5th Place

2012 (U12):

  • USA Class A State Runner Up

  • USA Class A Norther Nationals 5th Place

  • NAFA Gold Northern National Champions

2013 (U14):

  • ASA Class A State Tournament 3rd Place

  • ASA Class A Northern Nationals 7th Place

  • NAFA Gold Northern Nationals 4th Place

2014 (U14)

  • ASA State Class A Championship

  • NSA State Class A Championship

  • ASA Class A Northern Nationals 3rd Place

  • NAFA Gold Northern Nationals 4th Place

2015 (U14)

  • ASA Class B State Championship 3rd Place

  • NAFA Northern Nationals Platinum Bracket

2016 (U16)

  • NAFA Midwest National Championship

  • ASA Class A State Tournament (7 th Place)

2023 (U12)

  • ASA Class B State Tournament 5 th Place

  • NAFA Northern Nationals Gold Bracket

Glove and Ball

Troy Larson

Pitching Coordinator

Contact Information:

 - Phone: 608-334-7714
 - Email:

Duties: Coach Larson oversees the development and training of all Stix pitchers. Coach Larson has many years of experience as a high-level pitcher in Men’s Fastpitch. After his playing days
concluded he began teaching and coaching pitchers. Currently he works with all the club’s pitchers with a high amount of expertise in base fundamentals and managing the game. He also
acts as the U14 Age Group Director and is also the Head Coach of the U14-Larson team.

Bio: Troy Larson is a lifetime student, teacher, player, manager and coach of fastpitch softball.  Being from a fastpitch family, Troy started his playing career in men's leagues at 13 years old.  His success in the men's league got him recruited to play on organized youth fastpitch which then, like now, was very much a niche sport.  He played both fastpitch softball and baseball through high school where he was an all-conference baseball player.  In college Troy earned a minor in coaching while playing fastpitch and coaching baseball.  Following college Troy focused exclusively on playing fastpitch while he and his teams expanded their range from local to state and then national tournament circuits.  As a player Troy was recognized by ASA (now USA) for his infield play and NAFA for his pitching at the state level.  Troy is probably one of very few players to have both caught and pitched in games in the final four of a national tournament.  Troy also managed his most successful team that boasted state championships and a national final four.  When one of his teammates took the head coaching job at Juda High school, Troy agreed to help build an off-season pitching program.  This program helped the program produce all conference pitchers for 10 consecutive years while winning multiple conference, regional, sectional championships and one state title.  Troy then became involved with the local Evansville Angels community program starting as the clinics coordinator before becoming the president.  While President the program grew, nearly doubling in size.  Troy is currently a mentor for pitchers within the Rock River Stix organization. Over the years Troy has worked with hundreds of pitchers including many that have pitched in college and a WI State Player of the year. Troy considers himself a pitching mentor as he likes to take a holistic approach to developing pitchers including not only mechanics but also mental toughness, situational awareness and leadership from the pitching position. 

Softball Equipment

Scott Mack

Hitting Coordinator

Contact Information:
 - Phone: 608-209-4241
 - Email:
Duties: Coach Mack oversees the development and training of all Stix hitters. Coach Mack has many years of experience coaching at the club and high school level where he is currently the
Head Softball Coach at Deerfield High School. Coach Mack’s expertise developing Stix Hitter’s fundamental base and in-game adjustments has been invaluable to our program. He also acts as the U16 Age Group Director and is also the Head Coach of the U16-Mack team.


Stix Coaching Staff

Contact Information

* 10U:
o Luke Smith – Head Coach U10-Smith:
o Laura Pelko – Assistant U10-Smith:
* 12U:
o Alix Baker – Assistant U12-Baker:
o Tess Baker – Assistant U12-Baker:
o Dashal Schopen – Head Coach U12-Schopen

o Amanda Wollin - Assistant U12-Schopen:

o Mark Foelker - Assistant U12-Schopen:

* 14U:
o Marcus Novak – Head Coach U14-Novak:

o Kevin Haas – Assistant U14-Novak:
o Brian Ross – Assistant U14-Larson:
o Ben Nienhaus – Assistant U14-Schwenn:
o Doug Schwenn – Head Coach U14-Schwenn:
* 16U:
o Jim Meacham – Assistant U16-Mack:
o Corey Schilt – Head Coach U16-Schilt:
o Steve Alexander – Assistant U16-Schilt
o Bill Lean – Assistant U16-Schilt:
* 18U:
o Brad Bach – Head Coach U18-Bach:
o Mike O’Neal – Assistant U18-Bach:
o Jim Pease – Head Coach U18-Pease:

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