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Grievance Policy

We have developed a club grievance policy to address internal problems as they arise. We hope that the policy is clear and we are able to address the problem quickly, efficiently and as fair as possible. It is club policy to keep all correspondence between players, parents, coaches and grievance committee confidential. There may be some instances where it is necessary to inform everyone involved, but that will be done with full disclosure to the appropriate parties involved.

The protocol outlined below should be used to file a grievance. If steps in the protocol are skipped or violated the grievance committee may chose alternative actions for resolution. The protocol is designed to give parents and players a forum to address problems or concerns they have. It’s also designed to provide a group resolution and avoid one on one confrontation and place the pressure of settlement on one person, please abide by the protocol set forth.

Stix Grievance Protocol:
24 Hour Rule: Always wait at least 24 hours pass before addressing an internal issue, concern or problem. This will help avoid highly emotional responses from coaches or parents before, during or after a game. Parents should use discretion is determining if a problem is serious enough to require immediate attention, the grievance committee reserves the right to use that same discretion.

Always address coaches before filing a grievance. We encourage interaction between coaches, parents and players before taking it to the grievance committee. Resolution of the problem is always more efficient and more long term when addressed face to face.
   ***Use professionalism and courtesy when addressing the problem. Nothing ever gets resolved when accusations, personal attacks and lack of objectivity are involved. Listen to each other and try to understand their point of view and above all let them speak their piece, you may learn something you were not aware of.
  ***When appropriate the player should always advocate for themselves. Please be mindful that this is your daughter’s team. It’s possible that what bothers you doesn’t bother your daughter at all. Always discuss it and ask if she is willing to take the grievance to the coach first. If she’s not, she may be just blowing off steam rather than looking to address a grievance
Once 24 hours has passed and you’ve addressed coaches and you feel further action is needed file a written grievance on line.

The grievance committee will review the problem and address the issue in a time frame and forum they believe is appropriate.
   ***The committee may ask that all parties meet with the grievance committee to discuss and resolve the situation.
   ***When taken to the grievance committee all resolutions will be attained via a group effort. We hope this adds professionalism and objectivity to the process and relieves any pressure on one individual.

Do not address a grievance with member of the grievance committee or board of directors in public. This is never a good forum to address problems and the timing is never right. We ask that you wait until it’s reviewed and addressed within the scope of the protocol set forth

Please use good discretion when filing a grievance. There are certain issues that cannot possibly be resolved by involving the grievance committee. Issues concerning play time, position responsibilities, starting positions, game time coaching decisions or player rotations are not going to be addressed by the grievance committee. Members of the committee or board are not at practice every day and will not undercut a coach on coaching decisions. Please do not try to overstep the coach’s decision making authority by taking these issues to the committee or a board member. The committee and board member will not address these issues.

Please respect the commitment the organization has made to keep all grievances confidential, we expect that the parties involved will do the same. It is never a good idea to discuss a grievance in public with other parties no matter what stage the grievance is in. Discussing these things in public creates tension, distrust, and overall creates a negative atmosphere surrounding the team. If this is going on you may have a grievance filed on you and that could lead to dismissal from the program.

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